Milpa Alta-Mixquic | Dia de Muertos | Day of the Dead | Nov. 2nd. 2017


Every November in Mexico City and around the country, people decorate their local cemeteries and prepare their relatives graves for the arrival of their beloved ones coming to celebrate from the eternal world. They arrange their tombstones with flowers, food, and incense in order to welcome them and enjoy their visit.

Welcome to our Dia de Muertos / Day of the Death Tour – Fifth Edition 

We are happy to offer, the only comprehensive and special day tour available in Mexico City for the Milpa Alta – Mixquic area. This is our fifth year and for this, we will visit a couple of rural towns on the outskirts of Mexico City to see how the locals enjoy and experience this traditional day around the town. We will experience an authentic generational celebration that has been taken since pre-hispanic times.

In the morning we will walk around families preparing their relatives graves, we will see children running around asking for candy and mothers and daughters carefully placing flowers and candles on their relatives thumbs. We will enjoy a really delicious Mexican lunch. In the afternoon we will watch the alumbrada or “illuminated”, the tradition enjoyed by local residents where they light thousands of candles in cemeteries in order to illuminate the arrival of the souls.

Our tour includes private transportation, lunch and drinks at a local and delicious place, and a street food snack in the evening. The tour will be only on November 2nd.  It will start at 10:30 am and will end around 9-10 pm (arriving at Mex City an hour-ish after departing). Drop off will be at Parque Mexico in Colonia Condesa, there is a safe taxi station where you can take your taxi or Uber to your place (cost of taxi not included). We will have other surprises as well, we guarantee a lot of fun!

Come with us and be part of one of Mexico’s most famous and loved traditions!

What’s exactly included?

-Delicious Mexican buffet lunch at a lovely Mexican restaurant (vegetarian options available).

-Evening tacos or other snack options and a drink.

-Transportation in a comfortable bus from meeting point to drop-off point.

-Bilingual guide. This tour will be guided by Gabriel, founder of Pata de Perro DF tours.

-Water and other surprises on our trip.


Update as for August 1st. 2017: Tickets are available now and the cost of the tour will be $135 usd per person. (Pre-sale price now available)


Sorry, children are not allowed to join this tour.

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Our tours begin at your arranged pickup time and end at the time of your drop-off.


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