Smart pricing. How do we price our tours?

Since all of our tours are private, we can’t offer you a plain price per person per tour…

giphy (2)

But this is not a problem!

We have the technology to price the ticket depending on the size of your party and other variables!

For example:

We have tours available starting for 1 person. This is the highest price option.

If your party is for 2 people, the cost of the ticket will decrease significantly!

If your party is for 3 people, the cost per ticket is reduced more.

And so on…

To all these conditions please add that if you buy a ticket within 30 days or more in advance you get an extra 10% off!*

giphy (1)

Don’t forget that during May 2016 all our beloved mothers can take any tour for free if they are joined by any of their children!



giphy (3)

*More than 30 days booking discount only applies to Teotihuacan and Glimpse. We intend to apply this discount to all the tours in a near future!

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