The tour we highly recommend

Hi there!

If it’s your first time in Mexico City it might be a little bit overwhelming to know where to start to explore.

We thought about it and that’s why we created a really great tour that is our introduction to Mexico City. This is our most popular tour and we highly recommend it.

You should start with our famous Glimpse of Mexico City private tour!


Glimpse of Mexico City is a great tour combining different interesting things in the city. Markets, food, museums, public spaces, architecture and murals, all in a comfortable, safe and really nice walk in downtown.

We will pay for your delicious snacks and drinks. We will meet you at your hotel. It’s basically like if your friend in the city takes you outside to show you around and to his/her favorite spots.

Our guide will let you know how to explore the Metro system and will give you recommendations of days and places to visit on your next days.

Our guides are bilingual (English and Spanish) and they are local.

Book Now!



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