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“Awesome tours for our U.S. University students (and local staff too!)”
5 of 5 stars

I am the Director of a study abroad program in Guanajuato, Mexico. Our program participants are U.S. university students who spend a semester or a year studying in our beautiful, charming, small city of approximately 140,000 people. One of the highlights of each semester is a weekend excursión with students to visit Mexico City- a megalópolis of over 20 million. This is a fantastic way for our students to see a very different face of Mexico, but as an educator and program administrator, and the person responsible for the safety and security of a dozen curious 20-year olds used to small town living (think country mice going to the big city), a trip to DF is daunting to organize/plan/execute alone.

Myself, our Program Assistant and ten students just returned last night after our third trip to Mexico City working with Gabriel and his team at Pata de Perro. Gabriel was able to accomodate all of our requests and work with us to design and deliver a totally personalized, jam packed 4-day experience for our students. In this and our previous multi-day tours, we were able to visit all the “must-dos”, including Teotihuacan, Casa Azul, Anthropology Museum and other classic stops. But what students (and staff!) enjoyed the most were the very unique, once in a lifetime experiences that Gabriel was able to provide because of his resourcefulness and close relationships in the local community.

As we floated by the typical trajinera full of other college students drinking chelas and listening to pop music in Xochimilco, on our way back from visiting a floating farm (chinampa) our bellies full of delicious fresh salad from Don Felipe’s garden and some of what I am convinced are the world’s best tamales, I was so grateful to Gabriel for taking us far beyond the stereotypes of Mexico, and so that both students and myself could gain a deeper understanding of the realities and complexities that make up one of the world’s most interesting and engaging cities.

Student feedback has been unanimously positive related to Gabriel- he’s like the super cool older brother/uncle type that gets everyone the backstage/behind the scenes, real-deal experience so craved by the Millennial Generation. To me, as an administrator, he is 100% reliable, never runs out of energy, ideas or patience, neither in the planning/execution of these tours, and just an all-around consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Gabriel’s newest addition, David, is also fantastic. His strong pedagogical roots shine through in his detailed yet engaging explanations. He was able to keep our students responsive and active throughout the tour of Teotihucan (despite the blazing sun and our early morning departure from Guanajuato… anyone who works with college students can appreciate the state of mind most students are in when they have to get up at 6am for a four-hour bus ride followed by a guided tour, but David had us all scrambling up the side of the Pyramid of the Sun in great spirits and with students asking thoughtful, reflective and critical questions. Marvelous!)

This was our third separate trip to DF working with Pato de Perro in the past year, and each time, we continue to be impressed by Gabriel’s exceptional service and committment. I actually lived in DF for nearly two years and Gabriel continues to surprise me by showing new sides to a city I once called home. We are already planning future tours with Pato de Perro and our students- it’s something really special to be able to hang with and learn from people who are so passionate about what they are sharing- we all walked away from the experience feeling like we received more than just some really great tours- we felt like received a gift.

Muchas gracias Pato de Perro!

Beth W, Resident Director

Visited May 2014



We did a day tour of the Pyramids with Gabriel. He is very professional, organized and charismatic. We picked the tour based on the excellent reviews on trip advisor and was not disappointed. One of the best things about this private tour, is Gabriel’s commitment to service. He was very quick to respond to each request we made, he is a great photographer and knows the best photo spots around the Pyramids and we loved the personal touch of preparing a little picnic snack (which included delicious fuit, cheese and juice) after the beautiful walk of the avenue of the dead. He has excellent knowledge of the area and we were so happy to beat the bus load of crowds and avoid the midday sun with this exceptional itinerary. After spending about 4 hours at the site, climbing the sun and moon pyramids, Gabriel he took us to a very local, fantastic Mexican restaurant in a nice suburb. Being part of a private tour ensures that you do not go to tourist trap sort of restaurant near the pyramids which are where the typical big bus tours take you. After the great meal, Gabriel provided us with some fantastic recommendations of things to do around DF to keep us going for the rest of our stay. We would definitely recommend Pata de Perro DF tours by Gabriel and if we had more time, we would take up one of his other tours.

Jessica H. – Hong Kong




“Thank-you so much Gabriel for such a fantastic day! Your easy-going nature and knowledge of the city made my introduction to Mexico City and easy transition. Gabriel’s tour was informative, interesting so much fun…I did not want it to end ! I would suggest a  Pata de Perro tour when first arriving in Mexico City, I promise you will see Mexico City through the eyes of a local that no tourist tour will provide.”
Charmaine P. Brisbane, Australia
If you are in Mexico and you want to a have a good taste of the real Mexican culture, you definitely have to contact Gabriel! He will guide you around and show you some nice non-touristic places you must see! Gabriel is a very nice and friendly person, great person to talk with. He is very flexible and you will be able to plan your day how you want to! 100% recommended!!
Nicolas G. Gent, Belgium.
Gabriel took me on an tour designed for a DF newbie focused on architecture and markets. His professional background and passion for Mexican culture helped me understand the City better than any guidebook. We visited places I never would have discovered by myself and by the end of the day I was armed with knowledge for my own adventures. Gabriel’s tour set me up for fantastic weekend. Thank you!
J.B. Skelton. Palo Alto, California.
My tour was the absolute highlight of my trip to DF! Gabriel is friendly, knowledgeable, fun, and his enthusiasm for his city is infectious. He did a fantastic job putting together an itinerary that was the perfect mix of hidden gems (both culinary and architectural), charming neighborhoods, and out-of-the-way tourist sites — and he was happy to customize it to my interests. As a solo traveler in Mexico City for the first time, it would have been intimidating to go off the beaten path on my own, so the tour was a perfect way to go beyond the main sites. I still fantasize about some of the market food we had, and I saw some amazing buildings I never would have thought to go in on my own. Plus, it was great to have a pulque drinking buddy! Overall, it felt like I was exploring the city with a really knowledgeable friend more than being on an organized tour, which is exactly what I was looking for since tours aren’t normally my thing. Highly recommended!
Liz P. Washington, DC.

Gabriel offers personalized tour experiences that take a traveler off the beaten path (or to places on the beaten path but experienced as a local might).  With less than 24 hours notice (lucky for me, he was available), we decided to embark upon his already prepared 7 hour Ciudad de Mercados itinerary!  It was a Sunday, so our destinations were Mercado Jamaica, La Merced, Mercado Sonora, and La Lagunilla, with the plan to use our own 2 feet, the metro, the bus and the bike-share, eating as much as possible along the way!

Gab walked me through the some markets, talking to me about market etiquette (especially in regards to photography), telling me about the different things I was seeing and the history of the market, reassuring me if I wanted to taste something a vendor was offering, and taking me to his favorite stalls.  He quickly noticed that I loved to take photos and made sure to tell me when he saw an interesting subject or when I should probably ask before snapping a shot.  Then, as a little mini finale, he took me for carnita tacos…yes, he won an instant friend out of me with this move!  Honestly, I found wandering around Mercado Jamaica so enjoyable that I think Gab had to coax me out so that we’d have time for the others.  Endless photo opportunities.

Kara D. Minneapolis, Minn.

(Read the complete post on Kara’s blog and learn why our Ciudad de Mercados tour is one of our favorites.)


Rob and Colleen Recommendation for Gabriel Talavera:

I am a photographer based in Seattle working for the Andrew Mellon Foundation in New York. My business partner Colleen Chartier and I travel to cities around the world for Mellon capturing current developments in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and infrastructure development. Our typical mission is to visually describe a city in approximately a two-week time period. The images are distributed world-wide to students and scholars studying architecture, urban planning and design.

We typically hire a team of on-site consultants, guides and drivers that assist us. For the past twenty years we have had some excellent guides that have helped us in identifying, selecting and locating projects that we eventually photographed.

We have never had a guide as outstanding as Gabriel. We hired him for 10 days in Mexico City and were impressed with his preparation, intelligence, resourcefulness, professionalism, humor and common sense. From morning to night Gabriel guided us to our destinations recognizing our specific photography requirements and providing us with the information and access we required to perform our work efficiently. Because of Gabriel’s skills as a guide we were able to visit and document many more projects than we expected.

On a personal level, Gabriel was a delight to be around. He was assertive when required but possessed a great sense of humor and inter-personal skills that connected easily with people of all ages.

Both Colleen and I would highly recommend Gabriel for future guide services with your hotel. Should you want additional information about Gabriel please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rob W.  Seattle, WA 

2013-07-05_18-05-39_396 - Copy
Mexico City is an amazing place and Gabriel is an amazing tour guide. I did the Coyoacan tour, which was a great way to spend the day. Gab is extremely knowledgable about the area and Mexico City in general, but he is also just a nice guy to spend time with. Taking the Metro was an adventure, it was nice to learn how to navigate the city quickly, safely, and cheaply. Then we walked windy cobblestone streets past beautiful old buildings, to a market, and my favorite, the “Coyote Fountain”. The Frida Kahlo museum is also in this neighborhood, this was actually the house she lived in and I can see why she enjoyed Coyoacan. To me this tour was great, stretched my legs, good company, beautiful scenery, and delicious food and coffee! Great way to check out Mexico City, especially the architecture.
Beth W. Seward, Alaska.
I met Gabriel through his girlfriend while I was working with her in Mexico City. I had limited time and even though I speak Spanish and felt comfortable venturing out on my own, I was intimidated by the size of the city and the huge variety of places to go. I gave Gabriel an idea of the kinds of things I was interested in and he custom-designed a tour for me and my friend who has been living in the city for a while, but wanted to see something new and “off the beaten path.” Gabriel spent the whole day with us, paid for everything, gave us all the time we wanted to take photos or spontaneously divert from the “tour.” He knew people in the places we went so they treated us like queens. I wish Gabriel would clone himself and go to every place I want to visit because I can’t imagine a better way to maximize a quick visit to a new place!
Carri H. Cambridge, Massachusetts
Gabriel was a fabulous guide and tailored our experience to our interests. We danced danzón in the park, snacked on treats in an exotic food market, tasted pulque and listened to mariachi music in Plaza Garibaldi. Through it all Gabriel led the way and shared interesting facts and stories. Highly highly recommended to anyone new to Mexico City or even if you´ve lived here all your life!
Jody P. Washington, DC
I spent a year living in Mexico City and have been back to visit since. Gabriel is a friend and has also taken the time to show me around parts of the city that I hadn’t yet visited on my own. It is a wonderful experience to hear more history about the markets or city parks – and – to learn new words in Spanish that are specific to Mexico (and/or specific to Mexico City). Gabriel is always approachable and fun and I would imagine would be the perfect person from an introductory tour of the city. I would recommend him and his tours that are specific to whatever you are interested in seeing to anyone!
Katherine C, Washington DC
I had such a positive experience touring small towns to observe Day of the Dead traditions with Gabriel. Gabriel expertly guided my friends and I between three different towns that had vastly different ways of decorating graves. He also made a point to introduce us to different types of regional delicacies as we were navigating between stops. I felt like I saw plenty more than I had anticipated and everything was so much beautiful than I could have imagined.In short, I highly recommend taking a tour with Gabriel. He is very kind, knowledgeable, and is fluent in English. His tour exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to Gabriel for the fantastic memories.
Linda S.,Washington DC

Fabi in Coyoacan“Es una buena opción para disfrutar un paseo comodamente por una ciudad tan grande y con tantas opciones , sobre todo se aprovecha el tiempo de mejor manera porque vas acompañado de alguien que conoce las calles , los atajos y los mejores lugares!!”

“It’s a good option to enjoy a comfortable visit through a very big city that has a lot of options.  It is especially nice because you can be more efficient with your time as you are accompanied by a local that knows the streets, the shortcuts and the best hidden places in the city!”

Fabiola. Monterrey, México.






Mexico City, a massive city with so much to see, is definitely best explored with a guide, and Gabriel is absolutely excellent. He is knowledgeable about all the sites, fluent in English and outstandingly friendly.

Our tour started out with a structured plan, but we easily slipped into popular chocolate bars, neat shops and off-the-beaten-path scenes when something piqued our interest. From his knowledge of the piramides (pyramids) de Teotihuacan to his knowledge of less-obvious but certainly delicious boutique chocolate bar, in 48 hours Gabriel helped us come to know the amazing capital of Mexico.

I cannot recommend him enough to those looking for more than an encyclopedia-esque trip around the city, but for an experience of DF as only a local could. Thanks so much Gabriel!

– Nick
New York City

3 thoughts on “Reviews / Opiniones

  1. Mexico City, a massive city with so much to see, is definitely best explored with a guide, and Gabriel is absolutely excellent. He is knowledgeable about all the sites, fluent in English and outstandingly friendly.

    Our tour started out with a structured plan, but we easily slipped into popular chocolate bars, neat shops and off-the-beaten-path scenes when something piqued our interest. From his knowledge of the piramides (pyramids) de Teotihuacan to his knowledge of less-obvious but certainly delicious boutique chocolate bar, in 48 hours Gabriel helped us come to know the amazing capital of Mexico.

    I cannot recommend him enough to those looking for more than an encyclopedia-esque trip around the city, but for an experience of DF as only a local could. Thanks so much Gabriel!

    – Nick
    New York City

  2. Would like to arrange a private tour for 2 to teotihuacan 1/29 or 1/30 and a walking tour of coyoacan and also the Dolores olmedo museum, could do 1/28, 1/29, 1/39 or 1/31. We arrive in Mexico city 1/27 and depart 2/1. So whichever dates work for you. Please advise if you are available. Thank you.

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