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Gabriel / Director

Welcome to Mexico City!

There is a kind of traveler that likes to have authentic experiences when they arrive to a new destination. This traveler wants to learn about local traditions, eat at the locals’  favorite spots and walk through the most cherished parks and markets. They like to really learn about the city and its spirit.

My name is Gabriel, founder and director of Pata de Perro DF, part of MEX IN PDX LLC. Our walking tour experiences will immerse you in our city and take you to the places that we locals love.  On our tours, you will eat authentic food and explore many places that are off the beaten tourist path.  Together, we will learn the history and interesting anecdotes of the places we visit

On a Pata de Perro DF tour experience the most valuable thing is that you take back home memorable experiences shared with a Mexican guide and friend.

Pata de Perro DF is our personalized guide service to you, to make your day an unforgettable and unique day, a Chilango* day.

*Chilango./ Person from Mexico City – Distrito Federal. A local.

Gabriel Talavera


Yaya / Guide leader

An adventurist by nature I am enthusiastic about showing the different faces of Mexico. From its traditional markets and cantinas to the underground eclectic places only a true native of Mexico City knows.
Being an art historian I will always be inclined to show Mexico’s history, it’s art,  it’s arquitecture  and culture. Most importantly it’s about the experience I share with my companions. This is the real concert jungle, lets explore and conquer this city.
Yardley Flores


Pata de Perro DF is part of MEX IN PDX, LLC offering the best experiences and products with Mexican cultural value.




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