Ciudad de Mercados

Cost (per person) for Private tours: 1 Person: $85 usd / 2 People: $80 usd / 3 People: $70 usd / 4 People: $65 usd / 5 People: $60 usd / 6 People: $55 usd / 7 People: $53 usd / 8 People: $50 usd.
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“México is in its Markets.”  Pablo Neruda* was absolutely right.

During this tour we will visit four special markets, including Mercado Jamaica the market famous for its beautiful flowers and colorful fruits. We will also go to La Merced, the biggest market in the city that first began operation in prehispanic times. Then we will go to San Juan, the market famous for its gourmet food products and finally, Mercado Sonora, which is famous for its products related to witchery and herbal medicine and exotic animals.

On Sunday we switch San Juan for La Lagunilla, a market that is famous for antiques and delicious micheladas!

Duration: 6 Hours. Starts at 10:00am, ends around 3:00pm. We will meet at the place where you are staying (In private tour).

Includes: Transportation via Metro, really good food and drinks at these markets

* Pablo Neruda was a famous Chilean poet. 

Sending the reservation fee to Pata de Perro DF grants & constitutes consent of the tour to the terms and conditions explained herein. Our tours begin on your arranged pickup time and end at your drop-off.

Ciudad de Mercados

“México está en sus Mercados.” Pablo Neruda tiene toda la razón.

Visitaremos 4 mercados muy particulares y especiales. El mercado Jamaica, famoso por sus flores, coloridas frutas. La Merced, el más grande mercado de la ciudad originario de tiempos prehispánicos. San Juan, famoso por sus productos gourmet y Sonora, famoso por sus productos para santería y animales.

En Domingo cambiamos San Juan por la Lagunilla famoso por antigüedades, micheladas y vestidos de quinceañeras.

Duración: 6 horas. Empieza a las 10:00am y termina alrededor de las 3pm. Nos reuniremos en el lugar donde te hospedas (en tour privado).

Incluye: Transportación vía Metro, alimentos y bebidas.

1 Pablo Neruda fue un famoso poeta Chileno



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